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90% of players loved the whisper meta


And no one liked allies,
those last changes just made for those 10% of the players.

I don’t mind remove the whisper meta if you have an idea for a deduction game.

you’re supposed to claim in this game, that’s the point of the game.
Raise unseen/cult win percentage by let them get away with not claiming doesn’t make the game any better.

The game is now more of a bingo game, let see if investigative can find evil or no


90%. Cool.
Based on what?


I don’t mind the whisper meta, what I do mind are ad hoc counters to it and above all, allies


I DO mind the whisper meta and I’ve pointed out how what we have now isn’t as random as it first seems


Not going to defend allies though


Both are trash


Also you say that yet I haven’t seen anyone complaining about little bird stopping WKM while when allies was first removed the player base was split on if it was a good change or not


Were they? I remember weekly posts begging for a change to the King, not remorse.


Not us. I’m talking about discord


they got over it


Whisper meta sucks
Wanna know how many times I got mcfked as evils because I was forced to claim something, and king says he’s got too many claims?
Too much to count.

You know why Wahooz left social deduction?
He got burned out by it.
Why did he get burned out by it?
He hated whisper meta. You could tell in his videos he did not enjoy the game as he used to. The WKM is driving off people. It nearly drove off me.

If you want Whisper King meta, by all means, ToS is for you. Enjoy the jailor claims and VFR. Cause I didn’t, which is why I uninstalled it.


Yeah. Even I had to take a break because of WKM. Needless to say I’ve been playing the game much more often now


90% of the players who loved whisper meta don’t exist


90% of players don’t exist


Same. I had to put it down for a week, just to give my mind a rest.


there’s this magical tool that lets anyone investigate. It’s called scum reading. Crazy right?


Too crazy

Then again my reads are bad, I’m usually a sheep in games, which is why I prefer evils, so I don’t have to read :slight_smile:


oh and it requires open information to work


How can you read scum if evil just doesn’t say anything?


If they don’t say anything

They’re scum