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5 Forum Members WHO'VE SWORN + bonus shit I'm gonna get clobbahed for

now for memes

Welcome to top trends today we are going over 5 forum members who sworn.

5: Damafaud. Believe it or not, Damafaud actually swore once. He seems to have learned from his big mistakes because he vowed to never swear. I believe he still has a position in heaven.

4: Boopydoop. You’re going to heck for this one, you dun goofed

3: Pug’s alt. Somebody once hacked into my account and said a very rude word. I do not accept this action and he shall be condemned to hecck

2: Memesky. Memesky already had a guaranteed spot in hecc but he swore, therefore committing the tenth sin and going to the tenth layer of hecc. SWEARING. When Memesky said this disgusting word, 500 children died.

1: Marl, why would you betray us like this. You had a guaranteed spot in heaven lol. The fudge bro why did you murder my hope like you murdered me in SFoL 31.

but for a serious top 5. here you go. my favorite forum members.

Top 5:

  1. Lily (friend, great comments)
  2. Wham (friend)
  3. Livi (helps me balance often + hosts great games)
  4. Squid (fun to talk to)
  5. Hippo (probably imo the funniest person on the forums, people Only Hippo would say Meme’s comedic timing is great but when Hippo makes jokes. He does it better.)

Bottom 5:

  1. Pug
  2. Pug
  3. Pug
  4. Pug
  5. Memesky (nah jk, we had a truce actually.)

Seriously, Do a bottom 5 if you want but I just want y’all’s opinions.
Please post your top 5s in the comments :eyes: I definitely will read the worst ones because I’m sure I’d fill em up.

Someone’s average bottom 5:

  1. Pug
  2. Pug
  3. Pug
  4. Pug
  5. Pug

alternate title. Pug gets drunk again for the 20000th time

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well fuck you too


forgot about you lol. ur not up there anyway tho



no u

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but honestly. I don’t hate anyone on these forums.

I used to but that’s because I later actually decided that it’s stupid to hate people online just for being present. Like yeah some annoy me but still.


Dog of Wisdom.


Favouring people on this forum?

Are you sure, you won’t get bonked? :hammer:


Maybe by marl sure


Honestly. Firekitten would be 6th.

New Firekitten, not old Firekitten.


There is more than one Firekitten?


Hecccc. I can’t believe it!!!


well technically.

There is more than one of all of us.

We change over time.
I actually sorta see my younger self as a different person


This list is already rigged. Every person who was listed is either Hippo or his alt.


fuck I’ve been exposed

jumps into bush


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:blush::dagger::dog::deciduous_tree: :angry:


wtf why murder a puppy who sitting beside a tree.

god damn it blushing man


No Escape


:blush: = :burrito:


yeah but dude. that’s fucked up killing a little puppy