[47th Noble Fix Thread] Reducing Force-vote confirmability (not twin)

Political Pressure:

  • If Y is forced to accuse X, Y will not be notified and may continue to accuse freely UNTIL:
    • X needs 1 more accusation to put them on trial. If Y has not already accused X, they will be forced to. Otherwise, Y may continue to accuse freely.
    • The player that Y has voluntarily accused, who is not X, has recieved the number of accusations necessary to put them on trial. Instead of putting this player on trial, Y will be forced to rescind their accusation. Only then will the court be notified of the latest accusation.
    • Y will be unable to accuse anyone besides X who needs just 1 more vote to put them on trial.

This would greatly reduce the number of scenarios where Political Pressure can be confirmed to the victim without actually putting someone on trial.


That’s kinda neat

Also good quickhammer cover

If only there weren’t trials :thinking:


Removing trials will be proposed in the 48th Noble Fix Thread


Ping me in that :slight_smile:

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Political pressure isnt really confirmable with other evil classes being able to have that ability as well. So I don’t think it is a problem.

Usually 0

Actually the REAL reason why PP isn’t as confirmable as a lot of ability’s is you can “force” another scum to vote.

Of course there are obviously ways around that, so it isn’t a reliable faking method.

Luckily it’s one of the few confirmable ability’s than an NK can fake

Also wanna point out evil faction members can fake force (Not as well as doing it there will be some issues)

Noble twin is a problem because it annouces to everyone.

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If BD is smart evils will almost never be able to fake force. The anti fake force vote meta just hasn’t been established yet because it isn’t a common thing to fake.

you could get them off early, but getting a member to fake a force first few days and said you’ve used them up.

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If BD is smart you would have to coordinate that twice, and for it to be convincing there would need to be some superficial reason to need to force vote … quite difficult IMO.

If you force vote the same person twice for no apparent reason then that will raise eyebrows.

I mean. As far as these things go it’s still better than Twin.

Plus you can just do it with both Unseen/Cult so it won’t be the same person