33333rd Poster gets a cookie

i can’t juggle work+relationship+school and an nu game, sorry mate

ok, thanks for the response

Can’t do, just before Christmas

apologies, i cannot due to school work getting stronger plus new site scares me

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This list should have it

Too slow…



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@Mercenary has like half the posts in the Class card thread lol

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And most of them are pretty good GI classes, how do you do that

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How does one even have so many good classes XD

I have like 1 class in the V1 and 1 class in the V2, and needed around 5 hours for each :eyes: well, including asking for feedback for it and changing it accordingly

Winnie the Pooh

Neutral Offensive

Oh Bother


Trying to write a meme class on a friend.
Being pretty content. Reading it again. Sighs.
Deletes half of it because of Leaking.
Gives up.

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Us enforcing the ‘put effort into your classes’ rule has really helped.

I think the next Grand Idea will be quality.


I’m pretty content with it. Even when we have to delete some 2-liners classes from time to time. But overall… pretty much good content.

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Who would have thought… that I end up as being a kind of revolutionary… I didn’t…
Always tunneling the leaders
Always trying to misuse the mechanics for their opposite
Claiming immediately after an anti-claim ability is announced
Holy shit what have we done to the always obedient Priestess…


I migrated my good old thread classes to the new one, created nekogirls and migrated the upick classes

why does this always appear in my “unread” i swear ive seen duck duck goose fm like 10 times

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