26969th Poster gets a cookie

Because brain teasers are fun.

we did it with a 4cm short side and a 10cm long side btw
so that’s fun

how the heck did a human even get the number pi in the first place


You have multiple problems with your play and there’s one main flaw that will always make you be bad at forum mafia. Your image in the game. Your image and what people think of you is really important and the fact is most people consider you just a memer and a troller. People won’t usually listen to you because of this, it doesn’t matter to you were right in seeing someone’s townie and they got lynched anyway. You get zero credit for that town read because you didn’t stop it. I don’t care if you catch all the scum getting them lynched is another problem. Your image is distorted by many games of you not trying and the fact that you make suboptimal plays.

Other smaller problems is your reads when you do try need serious work. You aren’t a very good scumreadsr and you won’t wver be if you don’t actually try to read. I think a big problem is that you can’t read people because you haven’t actually ever taken it serious a lot and therefore don’t know how to read people

This may seem like a rant more then a criticism but it isn’t it’s really true.


…Dividing a circunference by its diameter?

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or (25pi-50)/2


I, too, can math.


I used to like this question but now I feel annoyed with it because of how obvious it is

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Literal GOAT

If we surrounded earth with water would it be an island

Almost all my male drawing end up with an andro or feminine face
Guess that the guys are accidentally mad cute.


The Witcher’s first demon fight was easy, but so epic that it will be always marked in my heart

Also Yes

Holy shit

can someone explain how this is good in English

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We can reverse time

Basically, they mean that they’ve found a way to make it so that MORE energy and information is created in the universe rather than destroyed or reinterpreted