26969th Poster gets a cookie

The internet doesn’t exist in the real world obviously.


I can’t think rn

Hold on

By the way I find it weird how coffee can make someone with adhd tired :thinking:

right now I’m procastning in giving advice to hjaisk even though I can


alright, if you like Pi, SOLVE THIS then

i managed to solve this in 5 minutes, by the way.

It’s like math - and + is negative but - and - is positive

Ici I don’t know that yet

Nah, we’ve known all the neccecary stuff to solve that for 2 years ago on my curriculum.
Behold, the power of M A T H S

You can’t just say nah you know that

tbh if I actually tried I could probably figure it out without the exact formula by just taking a circle formula diving it by two or something like that

no but there is actually a fairly simple calculation involved in that
the trick is figuring out the way to get to it

I could try to get the forumula


I don’t feel like it rn

I’m not asking you for the area of the semi-circle, I’m asking you for the area of the red shaded part, which does not have an exact formula

@H_Hja I’ll give it to you after school at 4 pm my time

If I take the whole circle and divide it by two I can know the area of the whole circle

then I can just find the other areas of the other stuff and minus it from that I think

Trick question? There is not enough information.

Also geometry suckssssss

believe me, I’d know if there was an exact formula of an ellipse that doesn’t require advanced mathematics

@Solic nope. We figured it out based on purely the information given.

Actually going to try to figure this out now

ABED is a rectangle, by the way.