20000th Poster gets a cookie

Wdym Im not a Bot? Kape was literally my programmer (you can send all bug reports about Priestessbot to him).

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Just saw this.

Wish I saw it earlier so I could laugh at it.

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Now you laugh about the Bot >.>


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this meme is stolen, I saw this on the ToL server last year

phoenix wright image im never on the ToL server!

@JakeTheWolfie wtf why did you do that on the tol server

Wait what did they do?

can we keep this at 17776 posts, so mods never get the joy of locking it

No one reply please. I’m off tomorrow.

why should we lock it :thinking:
locking this thread to steal the cookie sounds like an unlawful thing to do

Unlawful here doesn’t equal illegal. It just equals immoral in this instance. There’s no rules stating mods can’t lock a thread to steal a cookie. There’s a lot of immoral things people do in this age and there’s a lot of minor things people do that break the law on a daily base but most of the time people tend to turn a blind eye to these minor instances. Also stealing the cookie is certainly going to turn into a MEME and therefore any MEMERS are allowed to bypass immoral standards for the greater good of the meme

“in this age”
We aren’t in this age I think? I’m not that young anymore

Age also refers to the distinct period of history, as in this age in history.

Just because everyone does it, makes it more right? :smiley:

well shit

Nice new pfp