2.3a Patch Notes

Take 2 - Live!

This is an extension of the v2.3 patch, fixing patch-specifics:


Priority Fixes

  • Fixed “Close Allies” ability that was showing as “visiting” when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed “Improved Safeguard” (the evil [Cult/Unseen] king version): You were originally only able to target the same person every other night - This was only meant for BD King (+clarified this in the class cards) so that he doesn’t just spam guard the Prince (that’d be pretty boring). That said, evil kings can now target the same player 2x in a row.
  • Fixed the report button at the end of the game.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn’t copy from someone else’s logs.
  • Fixed private notes/logs bug where you couldn’t type inside or had weird interactions.
  • Fixed “send selection” line breaks.

Other Fixes

  • Elected Unseen King’s “Improved Safeguard” will no longer start with the tooltip showing.
  • Fixed Mystic’s “white box” ghosted ability slot.
  • Fixed grammar for some dead abilities.
  • Fixed some class card errors.
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Fixed newsletter signup “tell a dev” error in “Account” section. Thanks for actually telling a dev! <3
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks (more info in Discord #dev-blog) - probably negligible, but who knows.

Mac Users

  • There’s currently a bug that doesn’t allow the middle player panel in a queue to display properly (Windows/Linux is fine) – I attempted a fix, but I have no idea if it will work. This shouldn’t affect the game (it’ll auto-start @ 16 players), but I do apologize for the annoyance.
  • If the fix works ^ Please @ping me in Discord to let me know.

So the patch isn’t online right now?

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2 bugs:

  • A chilled person may resume speaking after someone gets executed.
  • Typing in private notes becomes disabled once you click anywhere. So, you have to navigate through private notes using arrow keys. Making them practically impossible to use, and this is a big problem for me since I use private notes heavily when evil. (fixed)

Who’s Cheryl