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2.1.2 Patch Notes



Class Fixes

  • Silence (Distract) no longer overrides a Reaper chill (Chill now has priority).

Other Fixes/Improvements

  • Fixed lobby friend “follow” bug (that led to messed up games with an empty throne).
  • Lobby memory leak fixed.
  • Fixed quit button. However, a 1/2 second crash icon will show in exchange for a speedy quit. Will look more into this later.
  • Numerous class card typos, bad tips, grammar, etc – fixed.
  • Added ability for devs to swap regions without a patch if servers go unstable
  • You will no longer auto-switch regions upon temporary outages (which would cause infinite queue times if the outage only lasted a few seconds - it wouldn’t bring you back to the default region where everyone else is).
  • The default region has been changed to a hopefully more-stable one.
  • Updated Unity, our game engine, to 2018.3 (This may cause a larger update size).

Quality of Life

  • Timesnatcher portrait swapped in from placeholder.
  • Handmaiden portrait swapped in from placeholder.
  • Testing more-readable colors recommended by our UX artist. Should only be slightly different. Please offer #feedback in Discord - so far, our PTR testers either loved it or didn’t notice :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Added the missing v2.1.1 in-game patch notes.


  • Updated our credits (notably the music composers+tracks). I’ll add the missing tracks soon to our soundtrack @
  • Some of these changes were meant to be in a reverted patch that never came to be (v2.1.1a).


Dank, Reaper doesn’t feel useless in Unseen Games anymore

Cool, old art was kinda meh

Still would smash


Sounds very fun, though there was always the old quit and restart game

Don’t know what this was entirely, maybe someone could let me know how this worked?


People could friend follow after a game started causing the game to go crazy and crash


Sounds fun, Glad it got fixed.


It may of also been related to the so called gav bug thats hopfully fixed aswell.
Where people did not transfer from private to public lobbys aswell


Handmaiden best girl


Wait, you are back :eyes:


Not been in forums for a year tbh and xblade transferred my account for me today


Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue:


36 unread messages and most are closed pages now lol