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2.1.1 Patch Notes


Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Bleed immunity passive is back.


  • In the Shadows passive has been added back. The Mastermind will appear as Blue Dragon to investigative abilities for the first 3 nights.


  • Icy Touch now silences the target player for the entire day and blocks their voting. It now costs 2 souls.

Major Class/Ability Changes


  • Is unique again.
  • Retribution passive has been modified slightly and added back. When the court votes to execute the Hunter, the Hunter will kill the LAST player to accuse them.

2.1.1 Feedback Thread
Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1
closed #2

Use the 2.1.1 Feedback Thread for feedback.


TL;DR EDIT: This patch never made it out there: We’re going to add some further bug fixes and make it a full patch soon™


Don’t be fooled by the tiny “a”, this was a pretty hefty security/stability patch!

  • Security upgrade
  • Lobby memory leak fixed
  • Added ability for devs to swap regions without a patch if servers go unstable
  • Fixed lobby friend “follow” bug (that led to messed up games)
  • Limited [self] TTS support for lobby chat. Setup in options. More later.
  • Timesnatcher portrait swapped in from placeholder
  • Handmaiden portrait swapped in from placeholder
  • Numerous class card typos fixed

:warning:Since this patch contains security upgrades, unforeseen issues may occur.

If you encounter a bug, please post logs @ Discord ( )'s #bugs section – or in the forum’s #bug-reports (it should cross-post).

Discuss further in the 2.1.1 Feedback Thread for non-bug related feedback.

  • EDIT 1: Temporarily reverted due to voting bug! It’ll be back soon.
  • EDIT 2: Ok, it’s back :slight_smile:
  • EDIT 3: Nope, it’s gone again – we had some encryption tests that failed, causing gamebreaking failures. Abandoned until a next full-number patch after Chinese New Year