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2.1.1 Feedback Thread


Leave feedback here.

2.1.1 Patch Notes

I like all of these Changes. Yet Another Great Job, Ellie!


hunter seems interesting

It’s a buff towards killing scum who try to hammer you and it’s a nerf towards killing accusing scum. Still would be interesting


Hurrah for Hunter being another day confirmable class now.


Thank you for bringing back the alchemist’s bleed immunity back.
I honestly missed it deeply.

And hunter being unique again and the mm’s in the shadows are things that I liked about the classes.

Very happy that they are back. Thank you!


I partially disagree. Assassins and cult leaders can still bleed people in the day, so it’s not a 100% confirmable thing.


Overall, Great patch from the look of things.

Everything that needed Buffs, got them

Plus Hunter Change is interesting, I like it personally.

Scum like to hammer things, so it makes it riskier for them to do so, if someone claims hunter.


Alchemist: Good change, but I still don’t think alchemist should be just a neutral physician.

Mastermind: This was needed, but can you make it permanent(I don’t see why it’s temporary in the first place. Mastermind wouldn’t be that strong, and if any class should be completely undetectable mechanically it’s the MM)? And can you add the hidden occupation immunity back? There are enough unconvertables.

Reaper: Great change

Hunter: Great change

Overall a good patch.
Still a bit annoyed that there’s no mind warp revert or at least an illusionist buff to make up for it(I think everyone can agree that Mental Blur needs a rework), but hopefully that will come later on


You shouldn’t be using killing abilities for confirmation though. There are too many things that can go wrong. Plus it doesn’t completely confirm them as assassin and CL can also bleed, it only confirms them as not NK.


Hunter is way riskier to claim as evil though because they are unique again


Ehhh, nothing special.

Some changes were reverted which probably is better this way.

I’m not certain about new Retribution will work in practise, we will see about that. :tea:


Ok, nostalgia is coming back hard

thats nice. I preferred this passive since MM would’t get replaced.

Amazing, the distract version feels useless. Maybe I’m just not playing correctly though.

so I get the fool play back again woo
killing last person to vote… harder to do vote 9 strategy, which is good, and also blocks sheeping.

I’ll be honest, I’m mixed with the Retribution.


killing last person to vote… harder to do vote 9 strategy, which is good, and also blocks sheeping.


that’s what I think of this new retribution lol


Alch back to square one…


Wait. Icy touch silence as in the keyword or just the no talking part?


I think no talking


InB4 it blocks Prince


I like the reaper change as long as he can’t chill king+empower kill him the next night.
Days abilities should be used once per day.


Looks good. Will kind of screw up the power plays that can be made by using Hunters late game (as in it will be harder to leverage and easier to screw up), but it could work out.


(as in it will be harder to leverage and easier to screw up)
Retribution was done exactly so people wouldn’t vote up mindlessly