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2.1.0 Feedback Thread



Is probably screwed


Look. I was originally against making Assassin a one time replacement because it is OP. However since the change was also counterbalanced by big MM nerfs it all evens out and is fine


How about making it so the convert gets apprentice if assassin dies before n3?


So it only distracts for 20 seconds?

Isn’t that technically a nerf


Oh hi Max


Well then we are right back where we started


Yeah it sucks



reaper win rates would skydrop


Idk, I guess we’re waiting for Ellie, or someone can PM a dev with questions


No they do. I checked


I don’t see why they needed to nerf reaper Tbh


They should make it so there is a 40 second voting period in that case.



Revert it


Also make it so distract works for like 22 seconds or something so that reaper can chill twice, or just make it stack


This is simpler


You do realize that distract doesn’t even prevent votes right?


Reaper is garbage now lol


Seriously. Just make it last the whole day and suddenly it’s an interesting sidegrade


Wait, what

Reapers on trial be like
I did naht hit her it’s bullshit I did naht hit her I DID NAHHT
Oh hi BD


Since it prevents day abilities which chill didn’t use to