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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


it’s much more valuable to keep the assassin alive then


And the MM as well


Okay put it this way

You have two potential masterminds in unseen games rather than 3

It is so much more important that BD find the assassin and MM rather than converts and finding either should be better than finding a convert.





now why the heck would you buss your mm now


If anything converts should suicide accuse to distract BD


Bussing assassin was such a standard play for me but now that sucks.

Converts are going to have to play scummy to get lynched out of necessity.


Never make that assumption




What about her?


Oh right. Passive


That’s stupid

An extra kill isn’t worth it


Also ultra BD cred.
But it feels so weird that MM can be found by anyone at anytime now


wait MM aren’t NS anymore?


TBH even there it is better to suicide accuse as Assassin instead




I thought they just replaced it

Unseen is doomed


Make assassin NS and framed survs appear as MM



it’s still stupid to make assassin appear NS rather then the mm


Maybe MM should be perma NS as long as assassin also gets it when they change class