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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


with this change they probably are going to be a lot swingier

mm and assassin dies early Insta lost

They never die execute mm later good for unseen


For towncred as usual. How else are you gonna get new converts?

Also bussing converts looks pretty obvious to starting sheriffs.


Also surving n1-n3 meta


Assassins aren’t meant to be NS


Assassin being the backup is more important than MM.


I feel like it defeats the entire concept of assassin but I won’t elaborate and hope @nuclearburrito agrees and then argues


No lol


If he has perma NS then CL should have perma NS change my mind


Argue against me rather than saying no u


I feel like it should be better obvious why they aren’t


I’m starting to assume you are trolling now


You convert a chrono for your first convert
You can kiss that extra two for one goodbye unless you bus MM


When you say no lol I’m irritated.


I just don’t know why you would make assassin NS and I’m just kinda shocked you thought of it lol


Like I get it

but at the same time I don’t get it


Because he is now more important to unseen than MM themself as they are as of the patch the only way unseen can get a new MM


Me interested about changes

Sadly, I cannot play ToL rn, cause of vacation

Overall 8.5/10 with changes

Kinda iffy about mm changes and alch, but rest are interesting, and I would like to see how it works out


CL is replacable. Mastermind is only replaceable once.


He isn’t as important.
He’s a backup.

You shouldn’t be playing with Fire by bussing your mastermind anyway, as you have a high chance of a lost due to a lot of factors


And under the condition that the starting assassin is still alive.