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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


Not being sarcastic

Things a frame can get you

-Observer to out themselves and accuse an innocent person
-Prince to potentially out and call the observer a liar, or the prince execute the observer causing confusion.


Mindwarped Observer and Sheriff visited Framed Fool.



I like the idea of simplification, but this is too much. You shouldn’t be nerfing things for the sake of simplification, you should instead make them easier to instead.

About time, but I would still prefer it if it was poison instead of bleed.

Why? I loved the fact that mind warp could work on anyone. No feedback should be infallible. And mind warp isn’t that confusing tbh, it just causes you to receive wrong feedback.

Why? They are all a lot more niche now. Again, you shouldn’t be nerfing just for simplicity.

I don’t see what was confusing about prevention. And Sage shouldn’t be able to target unseen in the first place

Bewilder was niche, but I liked the idea of an ability that prevents day abilities from being used.

This is bad. First of all, why would you want to occupy an ally? This also detracts from enforcer’s niche.

Why? Possessor was balanced.

What was wrong with the current distract? I dislike the fact that distract doesn’t last the entire day.

Why? There was nothing wrong with the current alch, and I recall that players complained about the old alch being just a better phys.

Why? Happy hour was fine as is, there was no need to change it.

Should be a night ability. Now the target will have 2 nights to be healed by a bad physician/scum-siding alch, and has no counterplay other than healing.

This is bad. Mastermind needs to be at least occupation immune, there are enough unconvertables. Plus this also makes mastermind too similar to the CL. The opposing factions should be less similar, not more.


TL;DR: I like the idea of simplification, but most of these changes are just nerfing/reworking abilities that don’t need nerfs. And none of the abilities changed were that confusing. Please revert most of these changes(with the exception of things that I didn’t quote)

Yup. Most of the nerfs in this patch weren’t needed. The unseen wasn’t that powerful. And I don’t get why they still added the mind warp nerf after most of the community complained.


I mean I don’t really see that big of an issue with it as long as we pay attention in future updates tbh


But still, most of these weren’t confusing at all.


Mastermind used to bus their starting Assassin.

It’s better to bus the Mastermind as OG!Assass.

I do think the starting assassin should have a one time night immunity (even to things such as knight guard and bear) to compensate for the extreme swing in favor of BD that comes with an early death for them.



There are TRACKER FRAMES now!


Laughs in making the Assassin occupy immune


EDIT: I’m fine with the prevention changes but the abilities that used to be prevention should still bypass occupation immunities


So does this mean chrono can redirect their PD delayed death?


Also I very much dislike not being able to edit your logs on trial. Maybe there’s some infomation you missed or someone slipped and you want to change your logs, or maybe you just want to wipe your logs as scum


This was needed because BD would just lock down the MM until night 3.

This had the same problem that the current sheriff and paladin do, outing the opposing faction too early.

I agree that they should be less similar though.

What was so bad about Retribution?

Agreed, that’s the main reason why I’m against wolf being a day ability.


Hmm, I’d like to give apprentice a chance before people completely hate on it.

Question: Do people get separate feedback if they were occupied or prevented separately if they hit the princes jailed?


By hate I mean
“Ree kill starting assassin means no more new MM pls buff/ change back.”

Also damit I can no longer bus my assassin
Also damit my assassin probably gonna bus me and claim investigative


With this change

I feel like they should buff mm by giving him permanent appearing NS


Make starting assassin appear NS




If assassin is claiming invest he can bus MM and his class will change to invest





Why would we buss here

why not the convert