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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


Actually the Hunter change lowered the Risk AND the reward since Hunter is no longer unique and wolf is now fake-able which also means a Poacher is more likely to be a suspect


Hunters being able to bleed also makes Physicians’s job a lot less brainless in they will just heal every poison/bleeding claim.


Just bleeding. No poisoned




The only real complaints I have seen so far are that the changes make proving yourself difficult. GG devs, you made good changes.


Anything I do not reference I believe is a good change.

Don’t understand the reasoning here.

I’m more interested to see the ally meta now. But you’ve made princesses kinda useless.

I do not like this change. Inquisitor needed the stealth imo.

This is useless. You would occ the assassin, and the MM certainly doesn’t need it.

You’re removing his late game power now. EDIT: I no longer stand by this, as you can keep using his day abilities as you please.

Still a same old useless alchemist now, plus the added shit of no bleed immune passive.

This is a mess of an ability. How would you even use it?


Lelelel smart idea to make a separate thread for feedback I approve

Now dev can ignore this if they are too stressed


So you target two player, if the first player target the second player, you will occupy and attack them.


I meant in game, who would you target etc


Class card doesn’t mention occupying the target


Which Pokémon is that?


Someone you suspect is Assassin and someone you suspect is her target


Also not that I play but the glossary sounds like a wicked idea

Make things easier for new players to get into the game, you know?


I’ve had worse learning curves, but this is one of the harder ones

fricking eve online, once you master it you’ll come out with a degree


I feel like this update is what “Casual Mode” was intended to be.

One of the reasons this game has drawn and held me for so long is the intellectual challenge.

A lot of these changes are great, in the spirit of reducing the learning curve trajectory.

Others… make this feel like a WoW-ification of a challenging game. Kinda feels like a cop-out on Balancing after that dev “retired”

I guess we’ll see


I can see a lot of assassins claiming hunter now for sure.


Time to flag some bois


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


What if player was killed by Prince? Does it still show up


that will cause a lot of confusion and mislynches