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2.1.0 Feedback Thread

  • Circle of Death will no longer kill players with two target abilities when one of the targets is jailed.

Damn that must feel bad for anyone killed by CoD with that reason before now. Glad it got reworked though, cause if you get prevented(or occ’d now)

Wait I just realized reworking Prevention kinda nerfed Frenzy a bit… but it has 2 uses so it’s still good


Wait does that include 2 for 1?


I don’t know tbh. If one is jailed you still stab the other, so maybe not


Why does it say when someone is jailed that they were jailed to visitors and not just prevented?

It makes it so much harder to create fake logs as scum like seriously.


I figure the jail message is due to there no longer being prevention effects in the simplified game. The alternative would be to have every occupy message be “You were occupied or your target was jailed”, which goes against the purpose of the simplification in the first place (not that I agree with it).


Please do this. Assassin can replace MM once per game. Not only less swingy but easier to understand for new players.


I 100% also like the any assasain can replace MM once per game. The starting assasain is pretty much the most likely to be killed early game. (whether he’s caught, runs into a bear or knight, hit by the NK etc… attacking is dangerous, and not being night immune is dangerous)


Neutral killers not having occupy immunity sucks but is understandable. To make it somewhat nicer, make it so after 2 times you become occupy immune. 3 is just overkill.

Drunk should not make possessor kill someone with his own body.

Add a 5 second window at the start of day where you can’t whisper. Or make so you can only whisper when you can vote. This way people can’t prequeue whispers before mastermind can little bird.


He doesn’t. He controls the second target not the first


Any Assassin replacing MM is better than only starting Assassin replacing MM.

But I think it would make Unseen more different than Cult, and also fit with the whole simplification thing, if Mastermind were irreplaceable but unfindable by investigative abilities.


Honestly hoping that ToL Streamlined part 2 comes out within a week

It’ll feel much better to just jump into the full thing when finals are done


New update sucks tbh, the complexity of the game was what made it good


I haven’t played it yet but I’m inclined to disagree

Depth makes a good game, not complexity.


Whether or not this last update cut depth with complexity, I don’t know.

But nothing has ever been made better for being complex, it’s always for what the complexity allows - the depth it brings.


agreed, think of go vs chess. In go the game is litterally just each player takes turns putting stones on the board… completely surround a group and you kill it. Whoever surrounds the most area of the board wins. In theory that’s much simpler than chess, no pieces to learn etc… however it’s high level play is so much more in depth that computers were only able to compete anywhere near a pro level within the last 4 years or so ago (keep in mind computers have kicked humans butts in chess for like 30 years).