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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


This is how you make a good game

there’s nothing wrong with trying new things tbh


They added new classes Pretender, Maid and Chronomancer. They are all quite complicated. It’s natural to dumb down some mechanics to keep it accessible to new players. It is already an immense learning curve.

All the negative feedback on the forums is just coming from experienced players. Catering to newbies is super important for the longevity and success of the game.

I don’t agree with all their changes and especially throwing away some of the cooler unique mechanics that rarely show up like Illusionist mindwarp (change Apostle mindwarp fine, but not Illusionist). They never really show up, so do not apply to giving a big learning curve. Simplifications are welcome to lessen the learning curve though.


I know.

I am an experienced player. Which is what my opinion is based on.

Lessening the learning curve is good, but not at the expense of the games mechanics. And you can go to far and simplify things to the point were it’s not the same game that the experienced, loyal players, enjoyed in the first place, forcing them out. Not to mention the fact that you can’t learn a game that is forever changing things back and forth every other month.

Keyword is “new”. Not constantly changing and reverting the old. Find something that works, stick with it and make the new content.

Regardless, I’ve given my opinion, so I’ll probably just go back to watching rather than participating in the community.


Changing the old is changing it into new. I get your point but at the same time it’s trial and error just let it run its course.


You don’t leave something half finished to work on something else


You should see the discord

… or maybe not. She’s in a bit of a state atm


I 100% agree with you (as I’ve pretty strongly stressed throughout this thread) that the unseen changes seem terrible.

The rest aren’t meant to be that noteworthy for experienced players, They are meant to cut down how much new players need to learn, hopefully without destroying experiences of the vets to do so, I think most of them are good for new players and non-impactful for vets (which is the goal I believe). Many of them seem like they do help the game in terms of claimspace etc… which is very good.

The MM one though and assasain change… those really need to get reverted ASAP.


MM and assassin change is the best theyve made


After looking at it a bit, the whole MM and Assassin thing is with the STARTING Assassin

Meaning if first assassin dies then your mcfucked


You only just realized?



I blame Nerbins



Blame Nerbins.




There’s a smart individual right there








Just like to add, having now seen the Reaper chill change first hand, IT’S STUPID. I had the game down to two people, Alch and Drunk, Alch was being indecisive but talked about he liked the GK so voted me. Had I been able to chill properly, I’d have won.

It’s kind of stupid removing the one way for the Reaper to win when everyone is out to kill him.


I like, actually LOVE everything about the patch except the MM and Reaper nerf, which I absolutely despise.

On an unrelated note, this whisper-mystic-meta is getting annoying. Can we please have Little Birds work on Private Matter whispers?

Simplifying the game is great since it makes it easier to become a veteran player … and with more vets comes more funner, interesting games and more satisfying victories (and even losses)

I finally got to try the new Hunter and pulled off a successful Hunter’s Mark on the Reaper :sunglasses: very fun. Obs called him a killer so it was easy to predict the Reaper would come for revenge haha


While i do agree that this nerf was stupid, reaper ability to use multiple day abilities in 1 day was stupid also. He could chill king and empower kill him the next day.