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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


Changes are really good. Unseen is no longer a trash faction that relies upon bussing. Keeping original assassin alive is now a good thing rather than unoptimal, which makes a lot more sense. Hunter is now no longer “bait as an important class” or easy fool bait and now can actually play really smart. Also reduces the amount of confirmed BD through uniques which is also good. King checks are no longer cancerous. This is probably the best iteration of balance yet and I would be surprised if they change much more.

The one thing I’m uncertain about is the occupy immunity changes, that will take me some time to think about and see it in action.


I don’t think reaper should be able to win 1v4s (v5 but with reaped king) when they are outed if they just reaped king. It puts a little too much swing on classes that can stop that from winning at that point.

Totally fine with them winning 1v3s and the like even with butlers and such.


They won’t win 1vs4’s against many combinations of classes. I think chill change is awful. The sense of dread of being chilled is something that the reaper should instill alongside the quietness of reaped players in the court.

Faking being reaped or chilled is also a really interesting mechanic that does something with the strategy of being silent.


The difference is there was counter play

That’s why they didn’t have occupy immunity


It’s just that in certain class rolls they were extra strong


Winrate says different tbh


I’m expecting reaper win rates to drop to 9-7 tbh


I think there are a lot more neutrals that can help NKs win now though. It’s not just NK versus the world any more.


Actually, fair


and if none of those appear you…




So far my thoughts are:

Hunter changes really cool, Chrono changes really cool, occupation changes really cool, Ally nerf really cool, poison -> bleed really cool

In the Shadows and Chill nerfs, not so much


Yes, I love how they have to resort to that other weapon in the arsenal:

what was it again? Trying to powerwolf with only 3 members?


It works somehow


Played only one game until now. Was Alch.
Overall it was pretty great. Unseen died by D2 and poss won by watching BD kill itself. Much calmer than usual games and I appreciate the change. Alch is still not boring to play, I had a hard time deciding to bomb BD and gain majority or heal them.


yeah exactly what was coming to my mind. all I see is a huge nerf… The MM is vulnerable to capture from n1 on… the spare is now no longer tied to early game, but instead the survival of the most vulnerable unseen in the game (assasain being non immune, unable to cover from investigatives, vulnerable to being killed)… it’s been compensated by… um, well giving bd one more ability to autokill assasain (happy hour redirects target to itself. sounds like an ability that the main purpose is to make assasain and CL kill themselves).

Seems to fit my fears on the head. Basically they just took out all the safegaurds to keep unseen from dying early game.


oh i also like the reworded descriptions. but the underlined links dont work in game is that intended?


I’m no meta expert, but the more I play the patch, the less I like it.

MM and unseen in general feel terrible.

So many changes and none of them really feel like improvements. Just dumbing down of concepts and ideas because… reasons?

I just know most games are less interesting. Unseen games are especially bad.


I’m getting concerned about the direction this game is heading in now. In that the devs can’t seem to decide on a direction. You are all over the place, making sweeping changes, be it buffs or nerfs, but just not actually settling on anything. This entire patch was a massive nerf and step backwards in my opinion.

Most of what else I could say has been said by others. Most of these changes weren’t required and could be doing with being reverted.

To be honest, I think you devs need to take a long, hard look at how things are and decide on a direction then stick to it, not this hacking and slashing of concepts and classes, hoping for something to work. And decide who your game is aimed at, because this “simplified” version is just dumbing everything down.


Uh, this is called trial and error, there’s nothing wrong with this.