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2.1.0 Feedback Thread



Sure it’s fun

But it’s going to make reaper a lot harder


Yes, I can see what you want but Reaper needs more power now, so there needs to be some additional buff.


I didn’t say it would work better.

CoD should definitely be changed to also attack the target.


What would you propose?

considering chill effectively plays like Mind Control and vice versa


replace circle of death with his empowered attack
Replace empowered day Ability with a circle of death effect on the person they reap


Like it.


I am actually not sure. I haven’t thought about that enough; I wasn’t expecting such a change.


Idea! Make chill permanently disable someone’s day ability for the rest of the day and chills them for 30 seconds.


So either mass reap or super kill… hmmmmmmmmmm needs to be carefully balanced with these uses.


Chain chill prince.

That sounds extremely fun.


If he fails to reap someone for whatever reason the target he selected is chilled and day abilties are disabled for 30 seconds :thinking:

Give him occupy immunity


make him much more of an annoyance


With the changes to visit prevention, I’m not sure about giving occ immunity.


he’s extremely weak tho


Like, if he doesn’t have a good end game

At least give him consistent kills


This is fine standalone.

This is also fine standalone.

I was more referring to them being bundled together being a bit on the strong side.


it’s a good idea together to make him stronger


I do really like the 30 second chill w/ the daylong day ability disable.

Maybe give them occupy immunity when they have 3 or more souls (so you can’t get outed by bootler)?


You are worried about him being too strong

Since he has no end game he’s infinitely weaker


Besides the reap effect