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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


Gee I sure to love them nerfing classes that didnt need to get nurfed


Ok, I am mostly fine with this patch except three points:
Chronomancer seems to be too powerful(especially compared to Physician). This might be wrong so it’s ok to test this out.

Now the big two problems:
Starting Mastermind should still be not findable early. Early bad luck for Unseen(Night 1 is nearly always random)… and the best play of Unseen against a bad BD doesn’t help.
Unseen was nerfed too much; they need some breathing space. It is unlikely that Assassin survives long anyways.
I would recommend not testing this version, but if you insist, meh ok.

Reaper had a good win rate and now you extremely weakened it. Really extremely. You removed an ability that removed the ability to vote from someone for endgame on a NK class with a balanced win rate. This literally CANNOT be balanced.

I very very strongly recommend reverting the changes for Chill.


We’ve got a bigger problem, it’s still beneficial to lock down the assasain as long as possible. (you assume n2 the MM got his first convert, so in theory if you can hold the Assasain for 3 days the unseen can’t do crap while you look for the MM, and hopefully kill them both back to back and then just have to chase 1 more.

But yeah I’m further kind of annoyed as now that I think of it, this patch also added new ways to kill the starting assasain.

happy hour = death
of course bears
of course knight guards

on top of course of NK attacks, actually being found out etc… Being a non immune attacker, the starting assasain is by definition the most disposable likely to die quickly person in the game… I imagine the amount of really short games where the assasain hits an early death of some kind, and the MM gets busted day 2.


You have to adapt your playstyle to compensate for the change.

Reaper can now aggressively use chill to stop people from claiming on trial at little cost to themselves.


Not really. Being able to use chill more agressively on trial is not a balanced replacement - especially because the costs are just halved.


Chill was used to help reaper end game

now it’s super weak


All reaper games before this change quite literally played the same, or at least similarly.


I love this patch! All around great job.


that doesn’t disprove that the change is imbalanced.


Eh, i’m not certain it’s worth to rework class that has good winrate with all drastical changes around just to change Reaper’s playstyle to another.



It just sounds fun from a ‘Johnny’ perspective.


No one here is johnny


Yes, but I am not saying that Reaper has to stay that way- just that the change wasn’t the right change.


Yes to be honest this is literally the only change I deem questionable. I thought it would have made more sense, if we’re going to change the MM mechanic, to have MM simply perpetually hidden from faction checks so that only social deduction can find him, and remove the Assassin -> MM thing.



I thought johnny was just a normal child perspective I was making a joke


Wasn’t sure if you were. My bad.


my point in the joke is we don’t balance just for fun

we balance for fun and balance


“Johnny likes to win, but he wants to win with style.”

Meme chilling everybody who gets on trial seems hilarious, and could work.

I do think this version of chill if it’s going to stay as it is should last for 30 seconds.


no it won’t

it now has a weaker end game