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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


Agreed. Either give MM the occupation immunity back and/or give assassin in the shadows. Or make Apprentice work on any assassin, not just the starting one(it should still only work once though)

Agreed. I think the reason why they did it was because Icy Touch outed the reaper, but reaper games are already obvious.


Players can no longer edit their logs while on trial or while being executed.

This wasnt needed, like, in any kind of way. I can’t even see how it simplifies anything.


icy touch outting the reaper isn’t a problem since it’s a strong Ability


Exactly. Confirmability is fine if the ability is powerful


Pretty sure not ALL of the changes were for simplicity


Icy Touch had nothing wrong as well, a fine lategame ability that asks for strategy and your neut-points that you keep all the game to use.


That is kinda clear, but I am saying it beforehand so anyone who likes it can give me another reason to explain this


If chill worked like it used to then I would understand. But it doesn’t so yeah


If you’ve been accused by the court of treason and are on trial it’s unlikely that you have access to a book where you can freely write whatever you want.


Balance > Lore


It’s funny how everyone was freaking out with warp change but this patch was so strangely unnecessary that no one even care about it anymore
Hidden Blade is nice, some Unseen changes are nice (excluding making MM weaker CL), the occ and prevention fusion and clarification are also nice
Everything else just seems like regular 10-hour-player suggestion classes in the forums


Don’t you get me started on things that do not make sense lorewise if you’re going with this :^)


I believe this is meant to say Protection.


Having private notes that magically can’t be found when you die also doesn’t make sense flavourwise but I digress


I think it’s an understandable lore and balance choice tbh. You can say all you need to say when on trial, your logs will seldom be adjusted after being accused anyways. Evils can always stick their fake logs in private notes and the stuff they don’t mind being made public after dying (i.e: x is immune) in their book.


Give me a reason to why change this, not a way to live now that it is like this. I know there are private notes, but why do I need to use them instead of doing it how it was before? What does it balance, exactly?


Reasons I think this change was made:

  1. Stops people getting salty when “falsely” put on trial and wiping their logs.
  2. There is no longer any permanent silencing ability, meaning there is no necessity to specify you have been chilled on trial/etc.
  3. Encourages players to keep well maintained logs to be used if they are ever put on trial
  4. No major impact on the game in the grand scheme of things

Can’t speak for the devs themselves but that’s what I assumed when reading the change. I wouldn’t assume it’s being done for the sake of it.


Would’ve been better with old chill

Accuse and chill player

Ex exe


I do have to say, while overall I like the changes, I’m a lot more shakey on the unseen ones.

first and most obviously, it takes an early bus off the table. Previously assasain was the safe bus… you get the first night to talk with him about it, you can go on with it etc…

Now he’s your spare, which is double trouble since you aren’t hidden anymore.

Now the only real disposable, is the first convert… which limits your fake down to “hur dur I’m shuriff”, (because what else are you going to claim, the convert obviously didn’t attack anyone, isn’t going to be odd on a princesses logs etc… the value of the convert is he’s the one that he more or less can’t be given away prior to becoming assasain or getting checked by a sheriff).


I like this better than the timed limit since the BD would just lock down the MM until night 3, but I do see where you’re coming from. Maybe Apprentice could work on any assassin, not just the starting assassin, but only once?