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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


It’s still bad tbh


At least he isn’t auto screwed in 1v1s with kings still


It’s not much of a consolation but I’ll take it


Does distract on prince?


Work on prince? It totally should


Yes but it’s timed remember?


Prince revealed himself?


Unless they actually make it last the whole day you still can’t


We could turn reaper into having multiple day abilties each worth a different amount of souls


Having to jail within the first 30 seconds is horrible

Microing during day in a social deduction game doesn’t work change my mind


He already is





He already is.


Okay 3 day abilties




@Solic @Reaper
I need a professional opinion on the Reaper changes. I will pay good brilders for quotes.


Now that occ/redirect immunity as a passive is no longer a thing, we do have space for passives


He already didn’t have that


That’s a general comment


it sucks
whispers in reaper language