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2.1.0 Feedback Thread


Use this thread to post feedback on the 2.1.0 Patch


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2.1.0 Patch Notes

Welp, this game is now going to be crazy with even 1 Butler. It’s not a bad though.


Wowww many changes. Excited to see how it will shake up the game. Only the MM replacement mechanic change seems risky.


Hunter looks fun! No longer should we be scared of them.

  • Icy Touch now works like Distract, but will only cost 1 soul.

Good buff to Reaper. Old one feels bad


hunter sounds even more fun




New hunter looks good. Even though I will miss my old fool strats, I’m glad I don’t get an arrow to the knee for leading the charge


Mastermind nerf is unnecessary if you ask me as now he looks like worse Cult Leader.

Espiecially with mechanic that makes new Mastermind cannot appear after D4.


I think the bleeding change is also good tbh.


I don’t like how Hunter can’t do any actions until day 3 and I’m kind of sad to see retribution go.


I miss my go to neutral killer claim

It either wins you it or loses you the game


Mastermind can be found day 2 from a sheriff and when starting assassin gets killed by NK or runs into a knight guard or something the unseen is wiped out. I think starting assassin should gain death immunity or have something to compensate at least.

  • New Passive “Apprentice” - If the Mastermind dies, the starting Assassin will take their place.
  • Replaced Nightshade with Lacerate. Lacerate causes bleeding instead of poison.

I don’t know why this was needed. I prefer the difference between Cult and Unseen.

I’m predicting a Cult and Cult 2, but danker

Like Despacito and Despacito 2


It’s to make the evil faction less obvious.


It doesn’t change how they work. Just how they appear


I understand with the poison, and meant to fix that

But the other part is what I don’t get*

Maybe since Unseen is open to newer players, so mm is harder shrudders at old mm memories


BTW Hunter still has bear


I am happy that Alchemist was rolled back.