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2.0.2 Patch Notes


Give us NobLE Chat


I can give like 8 billion reasons why that is a bad idea


GO ahead.
Nobles chat was cute


It also gives you up to 3 confirmed town from the get go
An apostle and an Aristocrat would always be in their scum chat instead
Plus you’d know the instant someone was converted

PLUS the ability is useless if you’re the only noble


Possessor jumps into a noble? Instantly outed poss


Nah it wouldn’t make it so always two nurbles and nurbles still chat together and have NURBLE assassin


Nurble assassin is best assassin


I’m never like that regardless of the faction tbh


I wisped a spec/inv class attacking, it was either inq or pretender, pretty sure it was inq tho

EDIT: nvm it was a puppet-stringed mastermind but i don’t see why you couldn’t wisp an inq attack


Inquisitor doesn’t visit


cant wait for find an evil or we lynch you.

this is my only criticism of this patch. everything else is great


same, though for me it’s a pretty huge one… honestly the old allies meta made me stop playing for several months until it was removed. (admitted now my inactivity is just stupid life being too busy).

there aren’t many mechanics or changes that are dealbreakers for me… allies is the only one that made the game completely unfun for me when it was out the first time. Kind of makes me not want to hop back on even if I do get more time IRL right now


You don’t know what you are asking for. I’ve written about this before, but if the NK winrate is too high, an overwhelming majority of players begin losing, and that emotional impact on the playerbase is neither healthy nor beneficial for the churn rate of players in Throne of Lies.

A higher NK winrate could be economically detrimental.


so 5% :slight_smile:


15% is not too high though. The ideal win rates should be 50/35/15. Your main argument is that other players would lose if NK wins more, but I find it satisfying if it’s an NK win. And that happens when you buff any faction, the win rates of the other factions decrease. Using your logic, we should avoid buffing classes in general. I would be fine with the other factions receiving buffs to balance it out


ToL is already an on an insane power plane

Please no more


Part of the satisfaction of an NK win is due to their low winrate


Buffing other factions leads to where we started


A wise @eevee once said (paraphrased)

If one part of a song is too quiet, you don’t turn the sound up, you turn the other parts of the song down.


you mean 7.5%, right?