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2.0.2 Patch Notes


I good agree with a allies nerf would be decent, I wouldn’t even mind a evil faction check.

I just don’t think allies creates a neuts out meta I haven’t seen once yet where neuts other then the nk got screwed over by allies, but you know what else screws over Nk Observer, Princess and Maid.

So if you think nks getting screwed by King is bad then you have to think Obs and pals, how much they find NK.

NK has been winning way more lately most likely because WKM is finally over.


Those aren’t as bad since they aren’t on an instantly confirmed and guaranteed class.


I’m not even concerned about neuts at all lol


btw Unseen/Cult would be 32.5% (assuming average of 2 conversions) and BD would be 46.5% respectively under the same math


That seems fair if you gave each an extra 5%


So they are gonna exe it on a lead 95% The time if your found as evil there’s no escaping it forever if they doubt the invest they are gonna exe them then oh no they where good! Bam jailed and exe’d by prince or voted up the next day


You can guess where that’s being pulled from I’m sure :slight_smile:


Also depends on king and I’d argue cult games have around 3 converts.


it’s too late in the day for complex(ish not really) math. Later


Wow I kinda assumed you did all that the first time tbh




It is a compliment, yes


Anyways the point is NK is cooler when stronger and people like strong NK’s and the math supports it ect


When you play a game of ToL and NK wins you usually aren’t like “oh my god I lost that means I wasted my time and it was horrible and it sucks ect”. You might be in FoL because that takes months compared to minutes but in ToL you usually just gawk at whatever strategy NK just used to win (either because it was impressive or because it was stupid but worked anyway) and then move on probably forgetting about it


bring back 2 nks




Bring back private All anys.

That would be fun


(Like old Tol)


Having an unknown number of scum actually really helps claimspace issues and keeps everyone in the dark for so much longer which can be tense. But can also create WAY too much swing (unless conversion is the cause). It only really works in games like ONUW


Yea please give us custom private mode.