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2.0.2 Patch Notes


Anything higher is kinda pushing it



They’re a single player who is going against 2 factions, so they should be strong


don’t forget that 2.5 of those players are neuts


technically the precise mathmatical ideal (the average between player win equality and faction win equality) is 20.5% exactly


Most neuts will win or die before an NK win

I give them one surviving buddy on average


That average should only be taken into account for factions, not NK, which is the absence of


irrelevant. The point is that they aren’t counted as a player when calculating the odds


NK is a single person faction


87.5 is 14/16 not 15/16


My main point is if king checks someone they are 99% of the time gonna get the axe. Correct no one disagrees here (Hopefully)

But if observer or sheriff Find something they are 95% of the time gonna get the Axe, Also allies Evil King a way to buy a extra day and get someone exe’d for free.

If you think there are too many invests with King being one then lower spawn rates just enough.

My point is allies isn’t broken because king is conformable.


That’s an oxymoron


it should be 1-1/12.5


Allies is broken because the gamestate is fucked


That’s why I’m against GK being able to find neuts.


Good explanation.

That changed my mind.

how is it the gamestate fucked?


First question

Were you here last time?


Oh yeah. Also keep in mind that in general an NK win is more satisfying for losers than a BD or Unseen/Cult win is (for losers)


I disagree but ok


Yup, as neut I’ll typically help the NK if it’s NK vs unseen/cult(Unless they played poorly or are toxic)


But yeah. There is nothing fundamentally different from NK and the other factions. So if you are calculating NK winrate based on person count and not faction count then you have to do the same for all of the other factions for the same reason