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2.0.2 Patch Notes


blurs FK


How about giving it a day ability to make the check determine the exact class type?

WoW needs a rework. It’s considerably less useful than just checking a player.


I think follow should be split into 2 abilities.

I agree

WoW needs a rework. It’s considerably less useful than just checking a player.

WoW is fine. You can find Inq, Pretender, Alch and many killer classes with it.


I think will-o-wisp should be a faction check and Window Peek should be removed from observer or reworked

It’s just a better follow though(at least in terms of finding killers). I don’t see why it’s needed. And killer classes should be found through deduction.


No you can’t


NK has a Much Higher win rate Due to WKM Dying just because there is a extra Invest with three abilities.

Observer isn’t conformable just harder to fake I’ve done it plenty of times, King has a chance of being evil, also because scorned now can frame whoever, Allies is less powerful, if nks are that scared of a king then they can claim neutral. King is conformable but it’s based around the class.

Follow being split into two abilities would be horrible Observer doesn’t need nerfing it’s princess that needs buffing in the current game, also Maid is basically as powerful as Observer.

Why of all times would we need to nerf bd? yes it’s good WKM died, but I feel like base classes need buffing to be powerful now.

And no classes like Noble don’t need a confirm button.


Follow being split into two would make observer even worse

Wow - a two use ability that can find killers that attack only “WOW” when over classes have faction checks that are Way way more useful, Princess isn’t powerful it needs to be buffed into something at the strength of observer.

I swear all you want is Unseen/Cult to win 70% of the time and Nk to win 29% of the time.


Nah but we want things to feel correct before we start balancing for numbers

A coin toss at the start of each game to determine the winning side is perfectly balanced but is lacking a coherent gameplay feel

Same with things like Allies king - I don’t give a damn if the winrates are better now, FTK just isn’t fun. This applies elsewhere too - a cohesive game is important, and having things that just feel out of place (like Observer, although it’s not the worst lol) is something to fix regardless of the numbers


Also btw ideal NK winrate is around 5% tbqh


People will argue higher (hi cube) but that’s where I see it lol

1/20 games to a single-player faction is fine

More than 10% is busted

In between is acceptable


Also @Soulshade55r I forget my exact numbers but winrates should lie in between proportional and balanced

ie BD should win more than the scum factions


50%/35%/15% ish


How is follow not confirmable?

Why? Observer is too strong currently, and follow logs can be a bit confusing at times.

I would be fine with splitting observer into 2 classes(one that focuses around seeing visits and other that focuses around visitors) instead. It does need nerfing, it’s easily the strongest investigative. A faction check is better than sheriffs and paladins, and follow combined with a faction check is stronger than flirt.

But why are you against making it only find scum? It’s basically the same ability, it can just no longer find neuts.

I’d prefer it if observer gets a rework instead of a straight nerf, but the only other BD class that needs a nerf is PRince.

I agree with that

Limited uses help, but they are more of a band-aid fix. I agree that faction checks are overall more useful(with the exception of finding NKs), but my main issue with this is that it detracts from observer’s niche(Observers and drunks should be the ones who finds killers. They actually require deduction to use, unlike will-o-wisp which takes no skill)

Observer is too strong though. I agree that princess needs a buff and sheriff and paladin need reworks, but they shouldn’t be at observer’s level.

Just because I want to nerf 2 BD classes does not mean that I want evils to win all the time. And there’s nothing wrong with NK having a 15% win rate, they should be powerful as they’re a single player going against 2 entire FACTIONS and possibly some neuts.

I agree, but king also needs something to keep it from being boring(which is why I was against any extreme solutions to whispers).

That’s way to low. In ToS that’s what it is, and everybody thinks that the NKs there are UP. Around 15-20% should be good. NKs should be powerful.

That’s exactly why they should have a 15% win rate though, they are a single player going against 2 factions.


15 is ridiculous ew


15 is mathmatically sound and agreed upon


Not all the time I agree but winrates shouldn’t be lower and I’d argue that Observer and allies are pretty balanced.

you can just lower invest spawn rates like Observer and Maid having the same effect of removing allies making it easier for NK.

5% is bad I wouldn’t even bother trying if I was Nk, 15% is good and healthy.
Bd should have 50% Scum factions should get 35%


Not really. NKs should be a power class. 10% is weak


20 percent what

I’d literally quit the game if that were advertised as a goal


I would also be fine with 15%, it just shouldn’t be 10%


10% is 1/10 games going to a single player

Meaning that it’s likely 87.5% of players lose a game one in every ten games