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2.0.2 Patch Notes


That’s a big one


well yeah we do get that. though it does fit better when we aren’t talking something that already has come and gone. Allies is like coco cola announcing they are switching back to new coke.

Conspiracy theory: Boslof intentionally brought back the most controversial and overly hated feature, so that his succecessor can be a hero in fixing the problem.


Allies does work.
Stop complaining that it’s “Too powerful”
Right now BD needs something to help them, Allies helps king be useful without the meta.
BD are losing so much, what’s the big problem with Allies? it’s a three use investigative ability, how is there anything wrong with that?


But the current allies just results in a Neuts Out meta. I would be fine if it could only find scum(and it shouldn’t specify cult or unseen. There are enough things ruining the deduction aspect of the opposing faction)


Want to know the problem.

You can’t call the king not a king.


It really doesn’t I advise you to play 10 games and come back and see how much of those games had Neuts out


Yes but you can say scorned framed you, and generally 95% of the time if you get found or called out as evil you’ll die so yeah.


Just because it rarely happens does not mean it never happens. If it was only able to find scum then it would still have the same purpose

That’s why I’m against neuts counting as evil.


Most neutrals are evil, also Passive Neutrals like alchemist claim day 1. So king would know there results beforehand.

Okay so Prince rarely game throws we should remove prince because it has execute.


Remove observer peek while your at it it’s neuts out.
Remove Maid it’s Neuts out.

might be rare. But it still happens.


Actually yes nerf Observer tbh


Nerf everything that’s bd until they have a 1% win rate


Observer doesn’t need a Nerf, Maid is just as good and princess needs a buff.

If you seriously think invests need to be weaker right now then what are you smoking


No just Observer and just by a bit


No it doesn’t.
Princess needs to be buffed to be as powerful as Obs/Maid


Obs>Maid tho


But what about NKs? They already have a hard time, we don’t need a confirmable class being able to find them.

My main issue with Allies is that it’s on a confirmable guaranteed class. I do think that observer peek should be reworked though, faction checks shouldn’t be on confirmable classes.

It needs a rework, not a nerf. I think follow should be split into 2 abilities.

I think observer needs a rework, not a buff. It’s easily the strongest investigative.


That’s a nerf lol


That’s also how it used to be and yes we should go back


@NuclearBurrito I saw you typing :eyes: