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2.0.2 Patch Notes


Window peek gets rarely used and is not on a 100% confirmed role. And Window Peek does not get used N1 or N2, usually.(except if the observer likes to get lynched)
You literally cannot buff NK’s enough because that would be extremely swingy.


I made a thread about this. Post ideas there plz :smiley:


What a god. You did great.


Rip WKM? Can it still work if a paladin dies d1? People seem to not like allies on GK, how about something like matchmake or investigation?


GK allies should only be able to find Cult/Unseen

MM little bird should be single target

Maybe scorned should have 3 marked targets executed

Other than that I think it’s alright


GK allies should be removed

Little bird is fine, aristocrat is more focused on invest and voting

Scorned is like old one, except you choose targets, and can swap them. So agreed


given a cult game with 65/35 odds WKM would fail about 55% of the time. More than in the previous patch


huh? 55%?


You get 55% from:

0.35 + 0.65*(0.25 + 0.75 * 1/13)

0.35 - the chance of EK
0.65 - the chance of GK
0.25 - the chance of starting apostle that can see whispers
0.75 - the chance of no starting apostle
1/13 - the chance of converting a noble (assuming one noble in the game and one convert chance)

If you take the average of Unseen and Cult games the average chance of WKM failing is 77.5% now.


Good thing we brought back FTK to replace it :roll_eyes:


So what is WKM and FTK ;-;


WKM is where everyone whispers the King

FTK is where everyone does what the King says because of his results


Oh, whisper king meta.

And follow the king?

If I am righto.


Can the scorned Mark be prevented by things like Prince jail and Stonewall?


Also dear god allies on gk
Pls no


Do they have to be alive until their two targets are executed, or if they died on the night they marked someone after having already executed one marked target, and the new marked target was executed the next day, could they still win? (if that made any sense lol)

I’ll take “things that made Bos quit balance” for $1000, Alex.

I do agree that this is too rough on neutrals though. Maybe it should just be an Unseen/Cult check?


Nailed it


Edited in:

Ongoing Updates

  • Some updates are difficult to test that look awesome on paper but end up not working out. As always, we’ll adapt “unfun” mechanic changes, if that ends up being the case.

Some changes work, some don’t. Let’s see what happens. We’ll change it if it sucks.


Little bird is clearly better than Court Spy though, so it still detracts from Aristocrat. I would only be fine with this if Aristocrat was changed to an unlimited use version of the old maid spy(and it should be able to target king)


Balance was going very well, actually fantastic, until Allies