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2.0.2 Patch Notes


Let’s just say he pushed the wrong button


Nothing like a explosion to wake me up in the morning.


Woah funny story

This just happened

I question the thief’s actions on every level


Let’s hope there are no explosives in that wallet.


don’t worry. The explosives were in the money instead for that one


Welcome to TOL team @Dev-Armae! (Sorry Im a little late to the party)


Conspiracy theory

Marcus is Armae

They both appeared on the same day


I would believe it


You remember how Bos said that he wouldn’t be hiring someone from the forums? He BMed me into leaving when I applied


Ah genius

Like how Amazon dodged rules against advertising lower prices for products than the manufacturer would allow by only applying the discount at checkout


Where are they from tho?


Ayyy, you guys took my mastermind suggestion.