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2.0.2 Patch Notes


sweet. Let me go grab some iron and carbon as well as some other misc elements.


Also I’m stealing your wallet to pay for it FYI


I already framed Icibalus and got him arrested for it. No need to thank me


Rookie mistake, never tell someone when you are stealing from him.


I am no rookie. I made sure to only inform you the proper 42 hours AFTER I took it and spent the money


then you’ll think he won’t but then he does :thinking:


thats some solid time traveling going on


I try my best


but guess what, i reverted the forum back 24 hours to unsteal my wallet. Fellow time traveller


Which is why I waited 42 hours to tell you. You’ve still been missing your wallet for a full 18 hours since the money was spent


Damn it, I lost. Please give me my wallet back, I will give you all my likes.


Here you go! hands empty wallet


Thank you. I will not forget this. Chomping down on my Burrito


Glad to see you are learning about the proper taste


Now where are the likes you promised me?


Byee. wink . Thanks for the wallet.


Your welcome. I make sure stick explosives in my wallets somewhere which explode if not near me or if they are removed from the wallet. Just thought you might want to know that


Is that why Fred is dead?


No. He set off a DIFFERENT explosive trap


What? How?