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2.0.2 Patch Notes


10% at the lowest, not highest
10% is weak. NKs should be power classes


NKs ARE power classes. Hell, Reaper can win with 5 people left easily.

10% at the highest, single player “faction” should never be powerful enough to win half the time the scum faction does.


that’s exactly why they should have a 15% win rate though, they’re a one-man team


Which means multiple-man teams should have a much higher priority in terms of win percentage.


True but 35% compared to only 15% is still much higher. It’s not like I’m suggesting that they have a 25% win rate


And win rates help, but they shouldn’t be the only things that determine balance. Look at possessor. Most players agree that he was balanced at 3 jumps


can you stop whining? NK’s balance is fine to me at least


No we can’t


i wasn’t referring to you dw


we are literally incapable of not whining


welcome to reality, everyone whines at every single thing nowadays they can find.

it sucks


Naaa. It’s pretty awesome


Wow holy shit we lost a ton of conversation here




12,5% cuz why not.


"Your argument is invalid because I am personally am happy for NKs when they win, even if I lose.



a sentiment I agree with but is entirely unsatisfying to use in an argument


Still, whenever you buff a class other classes by definition lose more. We shouldn’t avoid buffing entirely


Damn I lost a bunch of likes, to recuperate my losses, please like this post to save my poor soul.


Only if I can steel it afterwards for my own benifit


you may steel one for each speeling mistake