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2.0.2 Patch Notes


217 ain’t Calc, it’s theoretical Linear Algebra

But we’re getting off-topic


Different schools have different 217’s it seems



I summon you!


What exactly am I needed for?


Linear Algebra was a pain at first til it just clicked


Yeah I’m sure I’d be great with it but instead of learning anything we seem to focus on busywork to an extreme degree and it’s really starting to get to me

Like if this was taught as a normal class I’m sure I’d be just fine with it - it’s not that the material is excessively difficult, it’s that we do so much work that I literally do not have the time to think about it, and the lack of, well, teaching, certainly doesn’t help.

Math classes have always been really easy, this isn’t intrinsically harder, it’s just taught worse.


My class was taught pretty bad too. I could always use more talking about it. I am free Sunday if you wanna talk.

Message me your discord if you like :slight_smile:


lol okay


10% is weak though. That’s around what it is for sorc, and many players find her weak. What’s wrong with 15%?


15% is too much for one person to be winning against 15 other people.


Well 14 or sometimes 13 but yes


Not really. Nks should be considered as their own faction. 15% is nothing compared to the win rate of the cult/unseen and BD


You’re saying that NK should win roughly half the time that cult/unseen wins, which IMO is way too high.


How is that too high? NK is basically their own faction, so they should be powerful.


Nk winrate should be around 12.5%.


I still disagree with this. 10% at the highest.


It’s 13-12


NK is not playing against Neuts or himself for a total of 3-4 players


He is kinda playing against Alch/Merc though

Not in wincon but in purpose


We care about wincon