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2.0.2 Patch Notes


I mean I made it 10 so you wouldn’t have to multiply by 100 but okay sure you can call it 0.1 as that is 10%


calling it 10 is arbitrary. 1 is guaranteed and 0 is impossible. Everything inbetween is thus a fraction.


this of course begs the question of what 2 is. But never mind that


Yeah duh I just figured there wasn’t any point in making the reader jump through that hoop if saying “10 percent” is just simpler


Also ngl scaling things to ±2 can be super useful

I did that for my blimp earlier today


it can be but usually not when you are talking about probability


Well probability exists between certainty and certainly not




But how does one define something that usually happens?

We may say that something with a 50.1% chance of happening usually does and be correct, but to you and me that feels no more usual than a coin toss. Do we mean usually as in the human perception, somewhere around 75%? Or is your perception of where that should be different from mine?


removing human perception is usually a good first step when it comes to defining your terms consistency


So then you pick anything over 50% as usual?

While I can’t disagree, that seems like a very imprecise term, and I can’t think of many cases in which it’s particularly useful. :stuck_out_tongue:


well if you want you can just pick a different word to use and pick a different arbitrary number to assign to it


But then why use a word when a number will suffice to confuse less while telling as much?


why use the word usually?


For consiceness I guess


would you prefer I substitute “>50%” in for ever instance of the word usually?


idk I’m too tired rn to decide whether I’d get tired of that lol


it >50% doesn’t take long for you to figure that out on your own


Alright you have proven that that’s a bad idea

Also screw MATH 217

It wouldn’t even be that bad but they give us minimum 12-14 hours of homework a week (sometimes longer) and there has been maybe a half hour total of lecture the entire semester if I’m generous and round up


hey I heard calculus was interesting. Are you saying I was lied to?