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2.0.2 Patch Notes


That’s too low even for NK


to be fair… we should. Stronger classes often lead to a more swingy and less skill based game


NK winrate should be around 7-10%, change my mind.


according to mathmatics a one man faction is balanced at 15-20%


That’s fine too


I can’t because it’s right :slight_smile:


however IS IT REAAAALLY though?




According to Qwty’s Utility theory(under the assumption that a nk win utility gain is double other member’s utility loss), the most optimal win rate for a one man nk is about 12.5%.


15% is still low though. It’s not like I’m suggesting the NK win rate to be 30%

But sometimes buffs are needed, like with the NKs.

That’s weak. You have to consider that they are a single player going against 2 opposing teams.


avoided != never use

When they are needed they are needed. Otherwise try your best not to use them


btw stop with the


That is only valid for determining strength of a player AFTER determining their ideal winrate


…of no more than 10%


…of 125


…% of 80


so just 1




no just 1


10% of 125% of 80, and it’s that percentage

Do your math again


shit missed the first part

it’s just 0.1 then