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2.0.2 Patch Notes


My last balance patch. After this patch our new balance developer will be taking over.

^ (He’ll still be here; just not doing balance --Xblade)

Quality of Life:

  • Added a system message for when Distract ends.
  • Gossip/Intrigue now gives a message if there were no abilities you could see.
  • Chronomancer will now receive a message on the night a delayed death will take place.
  • The top-left of lobby will now show an event icon, if an event is going.


  • Evil King spawn chance reverted back to 35%.

Since there are other changes to King and whispers, the % increase is being reverted.

  • You will now get 5 gold for each person you vote for MVP.
  • Moon Festival has been extended until Sun, Nov 12 @ 11:59pm EST

Bug Fixes

  • Microtransactions (cash shop / “buy gp”) has returned!
  • Player counts (online) have returned!
  • Fixed some lobby bugs that may have caused loading screen freezes or other weirdness that extended in-game
  • Popular nobles were lagging with too many friends: We now only show online friends.
  • Ultra-wide screen monitor load screens are now “not weird”. At least, the inital one. We’ll do more later.
  • EDIT: Mac users can play again
  • EDIT: Linux users have a workaround to play, for now: Check Discord #game-news
  • EDIT: Fixed crash on quit

Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Can no longer use Don Armor after winning.

Major Class/Ability Changes:


  • Good King’s Safeguard ability has been replaced with a variation of Allies. They will discover if a player is a member of the Blue Dragon. 3 uses. EDIT: # of uses lowered in hotfix
  • Evil King’s Allies will now tell you the target player’s faction. 3 uses.
  • Allies no longer makes players death immune.

Allies allows the King to be able to collect some information without having to rely only on people whispering them.


  • New Day Ability Little Birds - See the contents of all whispers for the rest of the day. 2 uses.

This will reduce the effectiveness of just whispering all claims to one player.


  • Objective is now to see two marked targets executed.
  • Whenever they target a player with a night ability, they mark them for a day.

This will allow the Scorned to be a little more active in the game and have a decent chance of winning.

Known Bugs:

  • EDIT: Friends are iffy
  • EDIT: Voting MVP doesn’t seem to grant the 5gp
  • EDIT: The login screen sometimes shows ‘timed out’: Restarting fixes this. DM @i42-Xblade in Discord if this happens to you with logs (type ?logs in Discord).
  • Discord features are still disabled: Waiting on them for a fix for support with the new Unity version.
  • Pre-game lobby chat is bugged: We’ll patch it up soon.

Ongoing Updates:

  • Some updates are difficult to test that look awesome on paper but end up not working out. As always, we’ll adapt “unfun” mechanic changes, if that ends up being the case.


I’m iffy on this. I guess wait and see but it might be better to make it only find Unseen or Cult (if it works at all)


Yes good. Might be better to make it on a target player but again we can see how it will play out


Eh, I feel like we may potentially end up returning to the neuts out meta from this. It may end up nerfing NKs too hard, though.

Looks like this has the potential of killing the WKM as this pretty much destroys early-game whispering. I love it.

IMO 2 marked targets is probably the best place for the Scorned as 3 is a bit too much but 2 alone is too little. Does this work on any faction or only on BD-aligned players?


It’ll work on anyone.


Love the Scorned change. You now have to actually try. It’s like playing the gambling game in the graveyard.


Hmm, at first I was kind of skeptical as it could pretty much return to another scenario where a Scorned would end up being a pro-BD neutral due to requiring executions regardless of targets.

Thing is, since this essentially requires the Scorned to mark their players in the previous day then this essetially requires the Scorned to either have strong scum-reading abilities or be persuasive enough to secure a mislynch, so I actually like it. I think this may be the closest to a true neutral class that a lyncher can be, to tell the truth.


When it is unseen game , sheriff outed and welcome to TOS whereby there is no more whisper to king meta anymore.



EA has returned? I thought they died after SWBF2

Love you boslof

Amazing idea to force scorns to be active. And are actually NE.


I like this a lot. Might be helpful for avoid those converted immune guys


You also can find the dirty prince if he claims to king

Or convert a Hunter, have him snare trap the Sheriff and Sheriff claims that there’s a servant




Not a fan of allies Good King, but we’ll see.


Evil King’s Allies will now tell you the target player’s faction



I mean

The Mastermind change is good?


i see, common sense has deserted you


thanks boslof. :smile:


It’s not like EK always dies; they kinda need to know their allies.

Plus it’s a better allies that GK has. It should be that way with same abilities between factions


Bruh were you here a year ago


great patch boslof. Everything that i would have said has been hit on already and last i checked i wasn’t a parrot polly want a cracker


king finding neutrals is an awful idea