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2.0.1 Patch Notes


I completely disagree, classes with no limited-use abilities feel nothing from that.


Well the point is the severity of the punishment is extremely class-dependent in a way that doesn’t make sense


Exactly so why would you want to make that aspect worse lol


Well with this new patch , Kings and some other class do not press execute on day 2 as they are scared of losing day abilities.


But if you make it like that, then the cult would be even worse. And the cult does not need a nerf, it needs a buff if anything.


cult is easier than unseen imo


Being CL is harder than being assassin.
Being Mastermind is harder than being CL.
They both have their ups and downs.

However, if you said Unseen is better than Cult, I’d agree


i mean cult isn’t under pressure to end game quickly before their leader is killed


Have had 3 Scorned games so far and haven’t gotten a single mark killed, very unfun class.

The mark should last more than one day or something.


Have you tried accusing them yourself?


Of course, but if they are jailed or killed at night there’s not much I can do.


Odds are you will visit 2 people in a game


Are these due for a comeback next year? I was sadly unable to obtain them. :confused:


well last years came back this year… so, probably.