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2.0.1 Patch Notes


Survive to see BD lose is probably better because it results in less Scorneds with nothing else to do after they win tbh, plus it encourages them making plays that help themselves and the scum


true, very valid point there. Won neutrals are never good for balance.


Also helps scorned win cult games


Why does the inquisitor targets know they are targets of the inquisitor? It’s like telling a scorned target they are a target of the scorned


Because scorned had to see her targets executed, while Inq just has to kill his targets. Plus Inq has a killing ability, scorned didn’t.


So? What if inquisitor wants to execute them


Then he’s mcfked


give me a valid reason why the inquisitor target should be notified


Because Inqusitor doesn’t know who his targets are.

Also the fact that Inq can kill at night, so they have to be weary.


So why should the targets know they are one, you JUST said inquisitor doesn’t know


post can’t be empty

REE the frickin typing system, quotes don’t count?


Let’s notify everyone who isn’t unseen that they could be killed by the assassin.

Let’s notify everyone who isn’t the NK that they are targets of the NK.

Seems to me this is a useless feature :thinking:


The feature is just kinda there and doesn’t add anything tbh


Sheriff already gets it(since he knows it’s unseen game)

Technically, you already are a target of an NK. Everyone kinda knows already. NK is guaranteed. Inq isn’t

Tbh the only thing it adds is telling everyone that it’s an Inq game


Yeah but my point is there’s no reason for it to exist


Not good enough, let’s notify everyone. do you see my point


Usually Pally/Sheriff whisps king in the sea of purple and he announces its Cult/Unseen game.

It only exists since old scorned was easy to win as. Make a decent fake claim and done. I almost never lost as scorned. (Prob because everyone claimed scorned when they got accused so no one believes it, and yeah)

Only problem I see now is you can’t claim your an inq target without being rekt by sir inq(if he’s in the game)


That’s not a problem


If this doesn’t fix the Whisper King Meta you can definitely try by giving Mastermind the noble ability which allows them to listen in to whispers.I’d say you could do that to assassin but they already have some pretty good abilities for day time.


Seems like a lot of classes, e.g. Drunk/Maid/Princess, should lose ALL uses of limited-use abilities when they execute Fool, for that punishment to actually feel like it hurts.