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2.0.1 Patch Notes


Yum. Delicious ash


Is that not how you cook?


No, your food turns into something good after you roast it then dump some salt on it


What if I throw it into lava as well as some plants I found?


Make sure to add salt and yes

Salt fixes everything


Instruction downloaded, thanks for helping.


Also Boslof I appreciate you giving your thoughts on why particular changes were added in


How is that evenly? Losing 2 days or even 1 are crazy, this hurts BD way more.


It’s more even than before


But it also hurts evils, due to loss of limited use abilities. Cult gets McRekt, unseen less affected.

And loss of voting does not just hurt BD. If an Unseen is good enough, they can make BD

Also BD gets affected with limited use abilities, especially with Sheriff, Paladin, and Prince.

It hurts both sides now. Unseen and Cult get affected due to loss of limited use abilities, and BD get affected due to no voting. Both sides also partially get affected by the other effect.

In my view it blends beautifully, but that’s just me.


I tried to roleplay the scorned , it turns out you can’t win as scorned.


What do you mean?


That triggers me

But here’s why it didn’t work

Now you can’t get an easy win as scorned(I still miss my old 2 target scorned, but I guess it was changed due to every new tactic being found by BD)


He tried claiming scorned D1 I think

It’s like claiming Inq now


Yeah. It already was before. People just didn’t realize it


I guess you could say that, but scorned only needed to see executions, so it basically turned it into another BD class(most Kills by BD are during day)


I wonder if we change the scorned from 3 BD hanged to 1 BD and 3 other hanged ?


Nah, if it needs to be easier add that if it survives to see the BD lose it wins.


yeah assuming it is indeed right that it’s too unwinnable right now (RIP stat monster), based on what the dev’s have said in the past of 3-4 day executions per game total I’d say the fair win conditions would be either cut it down to 2 BD exe’s, or survive to see BD lose.


No, that was basically scorned before this patch. Usually at least 1 BD gets executed every game I play