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2.0.1 Patch Notes


It’s the year of the dankest memes


I thought that was 2016


Memes will never die


It’s move a Bomb OFF the King :kai:


yeah but I said how can you get one in there in the first place



Actually would be good because Observer is very very very powerful


You put on bomb on someone who becomes king later


You can disable that you know


yeah someone alreayd said that


Delayed deaths can now be stopped by night

How does this work exactly?

Picture this. Alch gets attacked and time warped N3. Alch would normally die on N5. Alch stoneskins D5, and N5 they are night immune. The delayed death catches up, and bounces off their night immunity.


if i have this gotten right poor fellow went from what it is now minus the losing single use abilities to preventing everyone that voted to not be able to use night abilities to taking a use from all limited abilities to the voters of the fool to taking limited use abiltities and not being able to vote.

what a journey


I definitely feel it’s now probably too strong

Maybe get rid of self-frames to compensate? idk but this is a lot indeed lol

Granted, there will never be a Fool I like, so


Heathen alchemist is fucked.

Nonono. He is an alchemist claiming non-alchemist

Not necessary with the Trial cancel


Remember. Making poor fellow stronger is a nerf. In otherwords you are proposing a nerf to counterbalance another nerf. Obviously that won’t actually counterbalance crap


Honestly the scorned can easily cause all 3 mislynches herself by just disguising 2 BD as scum and then winning with the 3rd one dead


What about me :cry:


Fair point

But buffing its punishment is a really distasteful nerf, if done for that purpose (in this case it wasn’t)


I cant claim scorned D1 anymore


So i like this patch and I know art takes time

But why do timesnatcher and handmaiden still not have unique art


The horror