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2.0.1 Patch Notes


Overall, good patch - good job IMO.

I fear that increasing Evil King spawn rate might lead to ‘Lynch King’ Meta, and I’m sad to see annoying Fool punishment return. But short of removing the class entirely, I’m not sure what can be done.

Scorned change is good, but I feel like it needs the goal ‘See 3 BD executed, or survive to see Blue Dragon lose the game.’ IMO.



…you monster.
But yeah, I like this patch.
I appreciate scorned again, if for just a brief moment.
Plus the whisper meta being destroyed… \[T]/ PRAISE THE APPLE!!! \[T]/


But now YOU can be the priest 24/7


This is a sad and very truthful statement.

I have no clue to why people would ever out as scorned, like you are technically agansit BD, because you want myslynches. Its sad what people would do, just so they win :pensive:


Well no you wanted lynches. Now you want mislynches.



True, the Scorned benefited off of both, But it was designed so that BD will myslynch their own members.

I mean, why suck the fun out of class by claiming “I am Scorned” instead of creating Social Confusion and Anarchy


Disgusing everyone aa NK was the best thing


Or cough disguise someone as mm D5


One thing that could boost Scorned winrate is letting them know whether it’s a cult or unseen game. It’d make fake sheriff claims and disguise stronger.




No more Scorned being a BD Class. Yeeeeeeeeeeeet

nonononononononononon plz

you got me there Boslof, necks self


As you know I fully support this

Plus it’ll raise their winrate if it’s too low


Ehh, not a bad idea tbh.


What year is it? :^)


A thought occurred, if this ends up being too harsh you could make it that those who vote execute have their votes stripped rather than having no trials at all, as well as the limited use part.



…we could just not :slight_smile:



thank god for this, I could actually get the hang of knowing when I’m TB’d.

oh god the lag in that room thank you

The problem with D1 outing alchemists is not cogulate. The problem is they’re night immune n1.

I like to see how this affects the game before I make my point here. this seems like a good change IMO.

I can agree, giving the inq a free win cause someone outed heathens is just sad.

Really depends here, cause you could see who’s guarding king, etc.


I thought you couldn’t put a bomb on king period? what’s with that?


If you put a bomb on a player who later becomes King, you weren’t able to swap it off.


fair enough


How does this work exactly?

That’s true, but they could also see who visited the king. IMO this change wasn’t needed. Or you could split follow into 2 abilities, one that sees visits and another that sees visitors, and the one that sees visits can’t target the king

I understand the second change, but why this one?

That’s a bad idea. Alch is semi-confirmable, and neuts have a bad rep partially because evils fakeclaim them. The only neutral that should be fakeclaimed is mercenary(and only by sellsword)

I agree with this, it should work on everyone who did not vote to pardon.