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2.0.1 Patch Notes


Halloween event starts Oct 15th @ 12am EST and lasts until Nov 5th @ 11:59pm EST

This patch contains a security upgrade: When this goes live, this MAY kill off current games until you update --Xblade

Store Content:

  • Added a new armor, two new weapons, and a few titles and avatars for Halloween. They will become available Monday @ 12am EST
  • The Priest is back… as an avatar and title.
  • Seasonal items now have a gold border.

Quality of Life:

  • You will no longer see your character’s talk animation when you are trollboxed.
  • Chronomancer room will run better on the lowest settings.
  • Maid/Cult Spy changed to Court Spy.
  • If there are only a few veteran players, then the new player class filter will be completely disabled.


  • Evil King spawn chance has been increased to 40%.
  • Your title is now shown in-game. You have the option of hiding your title in-game and just showing Squire instead. There is also the option in the lobby settings to hide all titles.
  • Your avatar is now shown at the end screen.

King spawn rates are being changed to try to reduce the whisper King meta. I know some people like to think that the best approach is just to remove whispering the King, but that’s like complaining your food is cold so you set it on fire. You’re just gonna end up with a completely different problem.

Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Removed Coagulate passive. They are no longer immune to poison or bleeding.
  • Increased Stoneskin uses to 2.

Removing Coagulate is being done to reduce the advantages of outting yourself as Alchemist. Since it’s being removed they’ll regain a use of Stoneskin to help from attacks at night.


  • The number of Distract uses left now transfers over to new Assassins.
  • Distract uses increased to 3.

Since Distract was buffed last patch, I felt it needed to be put in line with the other limited use Assassin abilities.


  • Delayed deaths can now be stopped by night immunity.

Will allow the Chronomancer some more combos.


  • Poor Fellow has changed to - If the Fool is executed, then all those who voted to execute them will lose a use from all limited use abilities. In addition there can be no trials the next day. If executed before Day 3, there can be no trials for two days.

The current punishment has been moved to only those that vote to execute and the old punishment was added back in to supplement it. This way both factions are more evenly effected by the Fool.


  • All neutrals are now exempt from being Heathens.
  • Heathens no longer know who each other are.

People were just outting each other as Heathens, so that had to go.


  • Can no longer Follow King. Couldn’t see the King’s visits anyways.


  • Now needs to see three Blue Dragon players executed in order to win.
  • Added the Assassin’s Distract to the Scorned. Has 2 uses.

Scorned’s gonna have like a 10% win rate now, but maybe people shouldn’t have been outting themselves Day 1 because all they care about is winning. It’s like they say, “Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game.”


  • Can now move bombs off of King with Bomb Swap.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with Matchmake and framing. Frame will now work better on it.
  • Some reconnection fixes.

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Where is the new probe icon ? :sob:


Overall some good changes I still think alchemist needs some work, three bombs is too powerful, but this play incoruages alchemist to claims butler with occs or Knight with attacks.

Scorned meta is hopefully gone for good, ek spawn rates are nice, I like the changes but I wish some more where made but I’m not complaining this patch is pretty good.




This patch all looks great except this one bit right here…

I just… I understand, but that just sounds ridiculous. If you’re going to limit it to BD who get executed AND the Scorned has to live the entire time, I think 3 might be too many.


We’ll see


Oh wait, no we won’t, because the company we use to handle our stats broke their whole system.


We’ll see how people feel about it


Love this patch, can’t wait to fake claim as Alchemist (I honestly like this idea but other people don’t)

Also the Scorned, I love it, time to work with evils asap, they attack me, I tb saying “Scorned here, like uhh don’t attack me again” then now I hope an evil whispers me like “Hey Scorned :wink:

The Sorcerer, Observer and Fool, Love it, Fool is literally going to murder you except I see to many abstainers in the future, I feel like there should also be a punishment for abstaining.

The rest is okay and reasonable



One thing I will say is now Alchs seem a lot more BD-oriented in the fact that they can no longer protect themselves from poison or bleeding in any way since they can’t target themselves with healing. Is this the intention?


Keep going those good things :ok_hand::100:


I was so excited for 1 second.


Good call, otherwise Guides+ would be screwed :^)


the kill me n1 meta will transfer to tol


@Dev-Ellie I think this is my favorite thing I’ve ever heard you say


That was outdone very quickly


Ran out off ideas. :man_shrugging:


probe icon reached its final form. :frowning:


I mean, having two BD get executed isn’t that rare

And you can make a claim and push for the third yourself

So I think it’ll be more in line with the Pretender - difficult, maybe in need of a little bit of tweaking, but ultimately better off for not being a free win.