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2.0.0 Patch Notes


This is the cutest ability icon ever.


Wait why? Possessor needs a buff, not a nerf.


17% WR not enough for an NK :thinking:


There’s something called getting good, BD should learn it tbh




Nerf the bitch more.


That’s enough, they shouldn’t have nerfed it though.



Best part about this update is Sol’s resurrection


The other NKs should’ve been buffed then. Possessor did not need a nerf at all. Balancing shouldn’t only be done based on win rates.


There is something called developers tailoring and balancing their game according to the game’s actual demographic and not an elitist forumer group.




I’m leaving October 9th, not back :wink: Sorry.


You are dying very painfully :frowning:


When are you coming back tho


I didn’t know that, but possessor still didn’t need a nerf. The other NKs should’ve been buffed instead. NKs shouldn’t be nerfed, unless they are gamebreaking, and possessor wasn’t even close


I’m giving you the reality of #SlowLynchSolic.


Never come back.


/Vote Lily


He’s gone for a month and a half in Asia, after that he may come back


WhO tHe fUcK iS LILLY?