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2.0.0 Patch Notes


That’s what got it the approval


as long as phys isn’t removed



Gross patch. Adding maid lol


it’s a parity cop, and it’s nerfed


Defend the fact evil king makes someone death immune… counter productive


You are suppose to use allies on people who you think are evil, protect the scum!


You looked at the stats lately? It totally was.

Possessor had a 17.7% win rate compared to Reaper’s 11.9% and Sorcerer’s 12.6% last week.


Scum have a protective now wahoo!


Sad but true.


That was a low IQ play anyway. Only idiot kings actually swear fealtied the mystic. Once you get their number you can just make sure they keep linking. It’s an easily catchable convert.

@Firekitten I can’t wait to see all the times people get ‘attacked but immune’ and everyone knows it’s an evil king because it was a random guard N1-3. The meta will be only guarding yourself at the start as good king. Boring and poorly thought out!


Please don’t tell Noz, that will hurt his feelings :frowning:


Lol what feelings


You SF’ed the Mystic like mentioned above.


That’s really good why was it nerfed


Those winrates are too high for a single player win.


Fantastic patch. I love the new content in 2 brand new classes.


I disagree with this heavily. Possessor was nice.


1/16 = 0.0625 or 6.25%. They don’t need a 18% winrate. Devs try to balance to give the most fun to the most people in order to get their game popular.


easy fix just lower poss’s political preassure to 2 uses


Imo I would like that to be 2 uses and possess be 3