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2.0.0 Patch Notes


Was that ever added? I’d love to see what the class looked like

Also my suggestion is to make two different offensive cult classes one for Killers the other for offensives.


Yeah it was, gonna try and find the classcard


From Patch 0.9.1

  • Added Acolyte Cult Killer class that spawns with the Cult Leader and cannot be replaced.

NEW CLASS The Acolyte

  • Passive Kinship - Spawns with the Cult Leader. Cannot be replaced.
  • Passive Focus- Will not become the Cult Leader if there is another Cult member.
  • Day Ability Faux Nightshade - Trick a player into thinking they’ve been poisoned with nightshade. 1 use.
  • Night Ability Eradicate - Kill a player. 2 uses.
  • Night Ability Shroud of Corax - Make the Cult Leader night immune for the night. 2 uses.


Ahem, nice.


Ok upset over the stone skin lose but wow love this update


Why? For a class whose goal is to survive you seem to like nerfing its ability to do so.

this is good, but heathens shouldn’t be told the names of the other heathens. It can be used to throw.

Mystic is fine, Swear faculty is the problem. There are already enough unconvertibles. And Mystic needs a buff if anything, not a nerf.

Butler should have it as well. And can you change bewilder so it can target anyone? This would solve a lot of problems, and would make it less niche.

Why did you nerf Mystic if you were just going to change Swear fealty anyways? Mystic was never the problem.

I like the concept, but this is a bit redundant. We already have several abilities for protecting against attacks. Just change it so all effects will happen in 2 nights instead of attacks.

Again, this is redundant. Just change it to this: Redirect everyone targeting your first target to your second target.

Isn’t this just Dark Wisp but renamed? I would prefer it if it was the same as Disguise instead. That would be more creative.

I agree that both were not needed as Mystic was never the problem, but SF did need a rework. There are enough unconvertables. And the “Confirmed Mystic PM” meta was annoying, but that arose because of SF, not Mystic


Is that when you swear at a teacher? :^)


No it’s when your teacher swears at you


Ashe. Typos. My job.
Stop doing the only thing I contribute here, please. /s


Actually, check edit logs.
It was changed from fealty to faculty. :thinking:
I’m confused.


Because it discourages alchs from openly siding with BD


That’s called Alchemist.


Fair, but I would still like an explanation for each change


So the probe icon is solid now?


Also #remove physician


You aren’t being serious are you?


I am 1100% serious


Why was it nerfed? This isn’t needed


After some play testing this patch is officially forumer approved


Let’s be honest we are partying cuz maid is added