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2.0.0 Patch Notes


SFing Mystic was never even worth it though

much better to SF Sheriff/Paladin or Observer


I’ve said this is the past.

But Kings are better with low survivability


What do you suggest?


Lowering King survivability


and adding?


Didn’t suggest adding anything at the time


The problem was that you 100% knew the mystic was BD for the rest of the game. Stopping the mystic directly contacting the King at night solves this.


What if king gave someone a double vote as well for that day :thinking:


Mystic isn’t a good convert candidate in the first place

one night without linking

and the whole thing falls


Better a BD class than a no one


Or king have double vote


it’s actually perfect though.


No king already has that just give someone a double vote for the next day



Anyone who argues that mind warping a sheriff who checks a hunter as unseen is bad.


I’ll see if Puppet Master and Puppet would be a good class in ToL (It’s a mini version of multiballing, but I like it once I make a few tweaks)


I kind of like the idea tbh(implemented it for my WotT Poss)

Maybe it could be a dead neut who lost, or anyone that lost tbh(If bd is all dead, can use it on BD)




PSA: We can assert our dominance on other now!



Also @Icibalus but whatever JAMMY CONGRATS