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2.0.0 Patch Notes


Then Roll alch


it’s not BD sorry


Oh wow he wins with Cult


Alch is already a JOAT, we don’t need more of them


He’s a secret cultist


I know him personally, he’s a new guy in our Cult of Corax


What happened to Mithras?




It’s not a BD joat


Corax best God


I like Corax better, but Mithras is the reason why the Cult can kill in the first place


shows reaper

You were saying?


I like the Corax execution to be honest.

It’s an extended

(Voidstone one)

Plus animations on it is amazing


I wonder what the new NK rooms look like


I liked sitting like a badass on my skull chair



Maybe he has a better chair?




Cult need the golden chair from the meme


I wouldn’t be surprised if SF comes back at some point, but the mystic change is good. SF was never the issue, it was the fact that the SF could be safely done night 1 which was the issue.


New meta. SF prince



They should’ve prevented you from Sf’ing If your linked tbh