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2.0.0 Patch Notes


what about it. As well it should be able to target anyone IMO


Seems legit


it’s good


Well needed


No more Mystics linking King N1



Now we need a BD joat class @Livicus get on it



that won’t ever happen


yes it will


too much confirmability, and removes the purpose of a variety of classes


you can just make it not confirmable that’s literally the whole point of it


in ToL a JOAT being unconfirmable is impossible though


it’s literally just going to be a weaker everything but can fill in some places.


It’s not at all WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT


Livicus hasn’t made the joat yet and they are complaining of it being impossible.

its not


I mean impossible to get it into ToL


I feel like this should also include Knight Armor


I’m just gonna go and make some NK suggestions (NKs are cool :3)


if maid did it so can this


I recently became obsessed with joats


You know what we need now?


The Citizen

Unloved(Passive) You have no day and night Abilities, only Votes Lul
Your Objective is to Rek the Unseen and come for that NK booty