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2.0.0 Patch Notes


No the strat is to use 2 - 1. Have assassin use two bleeds and speed that up. Then buss them to use 2-1


This is a big surprise


I know right


I like how guards was reworked swere featly was kinda broken with mystic but you addressed both!

Probe icon to its final form guys we all know that this means expose or snoop will get new icons now


I expect new classes each patch now :wink:


Acolyte and Merchant?




Suicide as MM

jeez it’s annoying when BD finds you D2 and your mcfucked

Also Damnit, can’t go 10 games in a row as the BEST class ever, phy!




Maybe merchant, but Mc no to Acolyte

Basically turns cult into Unseen




I’m saying yes to the merchant because of how fun it may be


Not that kind of Acolyte

Cult Killer converted




Idk what your talking about then


Knights and Hunters too cool to be Invokers y’know


At least they made it so if your knight your not occ’d Immune

(Did they?)


More BD killer classes plz


this is an old one

Nuke has newer iterations floating around somewhere

but this version specifically will probably not get in






I like that they made Distract 3 times as buffed